Critters and Covers

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A cup of tea, a stack of Joanna’s favourite reads, and of course, Ezzy Lynn hair scrunchies…what a perfect way to spend the day

Today we are taking a bit of a different turn, but a turn for the better! A good friend of mine, Joanna has recently become a brand ambassador for a corporate social enterprise called Ezzy Lynn. Ezzy Lynn is a new company that was created in 2014, by three determined Western graduates. Their main goal is to help endangered species through their partnership with the WWF Canada by selling all types of fun hair accessories.

I’ll pass it off to Joanna to tell you guys more about Ezzy Lynn and how you can support endangered animals while keeping up with your booklist!

Until next time,


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About to sit down with some new reads and my new favourite animal-saving scrunchie

If you’re a multi-tasker like me, then you’re probably looking for a way to be productive…especially while curling up with your favourite book. Putting your hair up in an Ezzy Lynn hair accessory like Emma and I did is the perfect way to do just that. How is this possible?, you may be asking. Well, for every 25 hair scrunchies Ezzy Lynn sells (which can be purchased at the company adopts an animal from the WWF Canada and they’ve already saved 30 animals so far! So next time you feel like cuddling up with a good book, remember that you can also help save an animal at the very same time! Show us your favourite books and your support of animals on Instagram @Ezzylynn #scrunchietime.

xo, Joanna

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My good friend and featured guest blogger Joanna


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