A TBR Jar, an Explanation, and a DIY!

You may have heard people talk about their TBR jars, or you might have been like me and did not have a clue what TBR stood for. Well, let me clear things up: TBR stands for “To Be Read”. Essentially people make a list of books they have had on their shelves for far too long on scraps of paper and compile them in a jar. Hence the name TBR Jar. Whenever you need inspiration on what to read next, you can pick a title out of your jar. It’s easy as pie.

Sounds simple enough right?

Well now for the fun part, making your own!

You will need most of the following supplies however, when it comes to decorating, make it your own and have fun doing it!


  • A jar in which to keep your awesome books titles (I used an old peanut butter jar)
  • A piece of paper on which to write your awesome book titles
  • Scissors to cut your pieces of paper into strips
  • A pen: to write your titles down
  • Paints: to decorate!
  • Paint Brushes: if you plan on using paints I recommend using acrylic as it will last longer
  • Any decorations: personally I only used paint, but you could use stickers, ribbons, glitter, permanent markers, and much more!
  • A TBR pile make sure you have some books on your shelf that you have not read and add them to your jar!


1. Make sure your jar is clean, and dust free or your decorations will not adhere to your masterpiece. In my case I used an old peanut butter jar and just ran it through the dishwasher.


2. Start decorating! This is the fun part you can add anything you like to your jar. I painted TBR across my jar, but feel free to write “To Be Read” or nothing at all. It is up to you!


3. Let your jar dry over night. If you used paint or glued on any decorations you will most likely need 24 hours to let the paint and glue set. The next morning you will wake up with a wonderful jar that you have made all on your own!

4. While you wait for your jar to dry, you can start compiling your TBR titles, cutting your piece of paper into stripes, and writing your titles on those stripes of paper.

  TBR 7


5. Once your jar is complete, you can put your TBR stripes into your new jar and marvel over your masterpiece, or read. Reading is great!



Here is the finished product!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY TBR Jar. Like this post if you now know what all this new lingo means!

Also, if you do re-create a TBR Jar of your own, make sure to send me a picture of it on Twitter @Fictiondepictions with the hashtag #MyTBRJar.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “A TBR Jar, an Explanation, and a DIY!

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