2015 Reading Goals

As you might know from a recent post (50 Book Challenge!) , my goal for the year is to read 50 books or more.

I have broken the 50 books I want to read this year into categories or types of books I wish to read. This will become more clear as we get into the post.

Without further ado here are my 2015 reading goals!

My Reading Goals:


I have been forced to read Classics in school ever since I can remember, and as a result I have strayed away from reading them on my own time. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the Classics I read in school, but I felt like my reading choices were being controlled which was off-putting. In order to overcome the lack of Classics I have read, I decided to start a Classics Challenge. This challenge was created to push me to read more classics throughout the year. My goal this year is to read 12 classics, which is one classic per month. Thus far, I have read 7 classics which means I am right on track! I have been appreciating the classics more and more as the year proceeds. Check out the list of Classics I have read so far.

TBR Pile:

TBR stands for “To Be Read” or basically books that you have bought or borrowed, but not read. As most book lovers know, there is always a pile of books on your shelf that you have yet to read. In my case, I have more unread books than I would like to have. It’s not at a point in which I need to stop accumulating books, but I would like to reduce it to a reasonable amount. In order to overcome my TBR pile, I have decided to attempt one book off my shelf per month starting in August. In order to decide which book I should chose, I will pull a name from my handy dandy TBR jar. (Check out my DIY on how to make your own here!) If I am successful in reading one book from my TBR pile per month, for the rest of the year, I will have read 5 books from my TBR pile. This will not reduce my TBR pile by a significant amount, but it is better than nothing…right?

Non Fiction:

As a child and even last year, I avoided non-fiction novels like the plague. I thought they were all textbook style or dry novels that were impossible to get through. It turns out that I wasn’t reading the “right” non-fiction novels, or rather ones that I enjoyed. That is until this year, when I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. He changed my view on non-fiction novels and proved that they can be fascinating! My goal for this year is to read 10 non- fiction novels. Thus far I have read 3 non-fiction novels, but I plan on picking up Malcolm Gladwells other novels starting with Tipping Point.


I took french in high school, I have a few french books kicking around the house, and I thought it would be fun to explore a book in a different language! My goal is to read 2 french books this year. It might not be a large number, but it seems realistic, so we shall see. As of today, I have not read any french books this year, but I have a french Sherlock Holmes on my shelf that seems like a good place to start!


Fiction books do not seem to be a problem for me. My goal for this year was to read 21 fiction books, and I have read 17 fiction novels thus far. I have almost surmounted my goal. Therefor the focus for the rest of the year is to work on the four categories above!

  • Classics: 12 books
  • TBR Pile: 5 books
  • Non-fiction: 10 books
  • French: 2 books
  • Fiction: 21 books

Total: 50 books!

My overall goal for 2015 is to read a total of 50 books or more! I will keep my 50 Books Challenge post current to keep you all up to date on my progress.

Do you think I will achieve my goal? What are your reading goals for 2015? Are you completing a book challenge this year? If so let my know in the comments!

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