5 Well Known Authors That Write Under Pseudonyms


A fictitious name, especially one used by an author.

Sophie Kinsella


Sophie Kinsella is the author of the ever-so-famous Shopaholic Series novels. Although she has written a few novels under her given name Madeleine Sophie Wickham, she has written considerably more novels under her pen name. Madeleine Wickham’s pseudonym comes from her middle name (Sophie), and her mother’s maiden name (Kinsella), together they form the author of the novels we know and love. Her latest novel being Finding Audrey, a young adult novel that was released June 4th of this year. See my review here!

Dr. Seuss

We know him best for The Cat In The Hat, but Theodor Seuss Geisel hasn’t always been a an author. After graduating from Dartmouth College and Oxford University, Dr. Seuss produced a short film that later went on to win him an Academy Award.

Robert Gailbraith

The cuckoos calling

The silkworm

Robert Gailbraith has written 2 novels, both from the same series. The first being The Cuckoo’s Calling and the second is The Silkworm. Robert Gailbraith is the pseudonym for J.K. Rowling. Rowling originally sent her manuscript to a number of publishers anonymously, and after being refused by a few, Sphere Books finally agreed to publish her books. After J.K. Rowling’s identity was revealed as that of Robert Gailbraith, her books rose to 1st place and were known as best-selling novels.

Harper Lee

Go set a watchman

Harper Lee also known as Nelle Harper Lee is best known for her novel To Kill A Mockingbird. She was also close friends with author Truman Capote who famously wrote the novel In Cold Blood. Harper Lee stated that she would not publish another novel. This year, she released her latest novel called Go Set A Watchman, which she says was her first draft for To Kill A Mockingbird. Although Harper Lee’s pseudonym is not all that different from her “real” name, she chose to use the name Harper for its unisex characteristic. Considering that she was from an era where men were primarily known as authors, doctors, and lawyers, she thought a pseudonym would be her best shot at making sure the world read her work. And it worked!

Sue Denim

Sue Denim is the author of The Dumb Bunnies’ series that were published in the late 90’s. If this name seems unfamiliar to you, the name Dav Pilkey might ring a bell. Still nothing? What if I told you that the author of The Captain Underpants novels first started writing under the pseudonym, Sue Denim. Do you see the link? Sue Denim is a play on the word pseudonym. Clever right? I find it particularly interesting that Dav Pilkey chose to write under a female pseudonym.

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