Review| The Heart Goes Last By Margaret Atwood

Title: The Heart Goes Last 

Author: Margaret Atwood

Published: September 29th, 2015

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood-2.png

Margaret Atwood, the critically acclaimed Canadian author has published more than 70 works including; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and television scripts.

Born in Ottawa, Margaret Atwood received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto. In 1969, Atwood published her first novel- The Edible Woman. Today she has written more than 15 novels, her latest being The Heart Goes Last


This novel follow the story of Charmaine and Stan who have been forced to live out of their car after the economy crashed. They lost their jobs, their house, and most of the possessions held within their beloved home. As a means of escaping from tax creditors, Stan and Charmaine decided to hit the road and never look back. Being forced to live out of their car for a few months, Stan and Charmaine became desperate to find a place they could call their own. That was until an opening to participate in a social experiment appeared, and their prospects of food, shelter, and jobs seemed to be within reach. What is the catch, you might ask? Every other month participants such as Stan and Charmaine, have to give up their new found freedom and spend a month in prison.


Who was my favourite character and why?

Stan (Charmaine’s husband) was definitely my favourite character because of his sense of humor, as well as the situations in which he managed to find himself . He was always getting talked into doing absurd things, and as a result ended up in sticky situations. Most times I was laughing at Stan as opposed to with him, but he doesn’t have to know that. 🙂 I found that despite the scarce number of characters in this novel, Margaret Atwood was able to tell an exceptional story.

Were the characters relatable and/or believable?

This story had a great plot  (Although, I hope this would never happen in real life), and was unlike the other novels I have read by Margret Atwood.  It was intriguing to see the consequences that society faced and the detrimental results of this futuristic/science fiction world. The most intriguing aspect of this novel was that it seemed almost too realistic, and it could potentially happen. These characters were portrayed in a reasonable manner, and reacted how I would assume anyone in Stan or Charmaine’s position would when placed in a similar situation.

Did the story keep you on the edge of your seat?

Absolutely! This story gave readers an original and enticing plot line that kept me wanting to read more every time I set the book down. Atwood’s writing was meaningful and well thought out as most Margaret Atwood novels are. Not only was this an original plot line, but Margaret was creative with her ability to give this novel a eerily realistic feeling.

Something I would change about the novel?

I enjoy this novel just the way it was!


Overall, I would give this novel 5 out of 5 tea mugs.

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